School for quants

At the intersection of technology, finance and sentiment lies the world of quant finance. I came across this article on FT Magazine. Looks like the mantra that anything can be predicted is going mainstream.

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Meet the Knowledge worker of Today

One of the things I enjoyed watching last year was Watson’s win in Jeopardy!.

“He” shows up now at Citi. It is indeed the Rise of the Machines.

Manufacturing was replaced largely by robots that welded and painted. Watson is a paradigm shift in how we think about the role of the knowledge worker. Using machine learning, Watson is able to make “sense” out of structured and unstructured data. This is not a evolutionary change, but a revolutionary change IMHO.


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Newer facet in Information Architecture

By now we are familiar with technologies that help us navigate mountains of data. Here’s the inverse of it. “Its software takes data and converts it into stories — short summary-style articles so far, but ones that don’t really read as if they were written by a machine” Very cool technology .

Here is an example of a post created by software from Narrative Science

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What is the value of data to an organization?

Moore’s law goes after processing power, Metcalfe’s law makes some valuation of a network. What about data? IBM, when not building smarter planet lays out a new role called a Data Scientist and the value it brings to organizations How do we value data? Is the value of data directly proportional to the number of decision makers’ ability to interpret and react to the data resulting in material advantage for the organization during every market cycle.

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