The Flash Boys effect aka Virtu IPO

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis which sold over 130k in the first week is a great read. I think Michael Lewis is a great and compelling story teller. The side effect of that seems to be public squabbling between various interested parties. See Katsuyama v O’Brien. Meaningful discourse to be had and I think one that shelved Virtu’s IPO

Strangely enough, Brad’s story in Flash Boys resembles Bodek Haim’s story headlined in WSJ. Scott Patterson, who is an excellent story teller as well, captures Bodek’s story very well. In fact Bodek appeared before the Senate hearing on HFT & market structure. Sen. Levin issued the following statement

In a country where special interests have immense power, is there serious push behind any systemic change? Or is the issue shelved one more time. It is interesting to note that Aleynikov is still serving prison time for what Goldman considers theft of its proprietary code. After reading Flash boys, one wonders who should really be in prison


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